Stanislaus Joyce 『My Brother's Keeper: James Joyce's Early Years』

「- But you must not forget that he was a terrible heretic.
- Yes, said Jim, I'll remember, and also that he was terribly burnt.」

Stanislaus Joyce 
『My Brother's Keeper:
James Joyce's Early Years』

Edited with Notes by Richard Ellmann
Preface by T.S. Eliot

Da Capo Press, 2003
xxii, plates ii, 266pp, 21.6x14cm, paperback

ジェイムズ・ジョイスの弟スタニスロースによる回想録。1958年著者没後にジョイス研究家リチャード・エルマンの校訂により、T・S・エリオットの序文付きで刊行されました。本書はその新装版です。みすず書房より邦訳(『兄の番人 若き日のジェイムズ・ジョイス』宮田恭子訳、1993年10月)が出ています。

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Preface by T.S. Eliot
Introduction by Richard Ellmann

Two Portraits of Stanislaus Joyce (plates)

Chapter I - The Soil
Chapter II - The Bud
Chapter III - Raw Spring
Chapter IV - Ripening
Chapter V - First Blossom


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「I - The Soil」より:

「The only real weakness my brother showed as a boy was a terror of thunderstorms - a terror excessive even for his years.」
「Until he was twelve or thirteen, my brother was always beside himself with fear during thunderstorms. He would run upstairs to our room, while my mother tried to calm him. She would close the shutters hastily, pull down the blinds, and draw the curtains together. But even that was not enough. He would take refuge in the cupboard until the storm was over.」

(大意: 少年時の兄の弱点は雷雨恐怖症で、雷雨がくると我を忘れて、母がなだめるのもきかず、雨戸を閉じカーテンを締めてもだめで、嵐がおさまるまで戸棚に隠れているのだった。)

「V - First Blossom」より:

「My brother stopped over in London for a day or so, and Yeats introduced him to many people, including Arthur Symons.」
「Yeats has evidently been speaking to Symons about my brother. When they called on Symons at his flat, furnished with studiously decadent elegance, he was hospitable and sympathetic. He offered to submit some of my brother's poems to various editors, and said that as soon as my brother had a volume of poems ready, he would try to find a publisher for it. Then and later he kept both promises. It was Symons who, in the end, persuaded Elkin Mathews to publish *Chamber Music* and, when it came out, wrote the first criticism (and a very good one) of my brother's work to appear in any paper. During this meeting, the only one my brother had with him, I think, Symons told stories of the poets and artists he had known, of Verlaine and Dowson, of Lionel Johnson and Beardsley, and, hearing that my brother was interested in music, he sat down at the piano and played the Good Friday music from *Parsifal*.
- When I play Wagner, he murmured, closing the piano and standing up, I am in another world.
Meanwhile Yeats, who, like Russell, was almost tone-deaf, listened patiently, but when he was coming away with my brother, he said wittily:
- Symons has always had a longing to commit great sin, but he has never been able to get beyond ballet girls.」

(大意: ロンドンで、イェーツが兄をアーサー・シモンズのところへ連れていった。シモンズは兄の詩を出版社に紹介すると約束してくれ、のちにそれは実行された。兄がシモンズに会ったのはこの一回きりだと思うが、シモンズはヴェルレーヌやドーソン、ビアズリーの噂話をし、兄が音楽好きだとわかるとピアノを弾いて、「ワグナーを演奏するとき、わたしは別世界にいるのです」とつぶやいた。音楽に理解がないイェーツは我慢してきいていたが、帰り道で「シモンズは罪悪にあこがれているんだけれど、じっさいにできることといえばバレーの踊り子に手を出すことくらいなのさ」と警句を弄した。)





Away with the Fairies


分野: パタフィジック。

趣味: 図書館ごっこ。

好物: 鉱物。スカシカシパン。タコノマクラ。

将来の夢: 石ころ。

尊敬する人物: ジョゼフ・メリック、ジョゼフ・コーネル、尾形亀之助、森田童子。


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