『コック・ロビンの死と埋葬/トロットおばあさんとこっけい猫君の奇妙な冒険』 (複刻 世界の絵本館)

The Death and Burial of Cock Robin

London: William Darton, 56, Holborn Hill
Price Sixpence, coloured

複刻 世界の絵本館(オズボーン・コレクション)
昭和54年11月 ほるぷ出版刊
12.2×9.8cm 並装

cock robin 1

cock robin 2

Who kill'd Cock Robin ?
I. says the Sparrow,
With my bow and arrow,
And I kill'd Cock Robin

(This is the Sparrow
With his bow and arrow.)

Who saw him die ?
I said the Fly,
With my little eye:
And I saw him die.

(This is the Fly,
With his little eye.)

cock robin 3

Who catch'd his blood ?
I. said the Fish.
With my little dish,
And I catch'd his blood.

(This is the Fish,
That held the dish.)

Who made his shroud ?
I. said the Beadle.
With my little needle,
And I made the shroud.

(This is the Beadle,
With his thread and needle.)

cock robin 4

Who shall dig his grave ?
I. said the Owl.
With my spade and showl,
And I'll die his grave.

(This is the Owl so brave,
That dug Cock Robin's grave.)

Who will be the Parson ?
I. said the Rook.
With my little book,
And I'll be the Parson.

(Here's Parson Rook,
A reading his book.)

cock robin 5

Who will be the clerk ?
I. said the Lark.
If 'tis not in the dark,
And I will be the clerk.

(Behold how the Lark,
Says Amen, like a clerk.)

Who'll carry him to the grave ?
I. said the Kite.
If 'tis not in the night;
And I'll carry him to the grave.

(Behold now the Kite.
How he takes his flight.)

cock robin 6

Who will carry the link ?
I. said the Linnet.
I'll fetch it in a minute,
And I'll carry the link.

(Here's the Linnet with a light,
Although 'tis not night.)

Who'll be the chief mourner ?
I. said the dove.
For I mourn for my love,
And I'll be chief mourner.

(Here's a pretty Dove,
That mourn'd for her love.)

cock robin 7

Who'll bear the pall ?
We says the Wren,
Both the cock and the hen.
And we'll bear the pall.

(See the Wrens so small,
Who bore Cock Robin's pall.)

Who'll sing a psalm ?
I. says the Thrush.
As she sat in the bush:
And I'll sing a psalm.

(Here's a fine Thrush,
Singing psalm in a bush.)

cock robin 8

Who'll toll the bell ?
I. says the Bull.
Because I can pull;
So Cock Robin farewell.

All the birds in the air,
Fell to sighing and sobbing.
When they heard the bell toll,
For poor Cock Robin.

Who will fill his grave ?
I. said the Hawk so brave,
Let me fill the grave.

(Behold the Hawk's engag'd,
Filling of Cock Robin's grave.)

cock robin 9

Who will read his will ?
I. said the Daw.
Because I am in the Law,
And I will read his will.

(This is the Jack Daw,
Who is in the Law.
With spectacles and claw,
A trading the will.)

Who will write his epitaph ?
I. said the Hare.
With the utmost care; -
"Poor Cock Robin is no more."

(Here the timid Hare,
In characters fair,
Is writing on the stone.)

cock robin 10

The Moving Adventures
of Old Dame Trot
and Her Comical Cat, 
attributed to the pen of The Dutchess of L****
Illustrated with elegant Engravings after Sir Joshua.

London: Printed by and for W. and T. Darton, 40, Holborn Hill. 1807.

複刻 世界の絵本館(オズボーン・コレクション)
昭和54年11月 ほるぷ出版刊
12.3×10.4cm 並装

comical cat 1

comical cat 2

Old Dame Trot,
Going to the Fair,
With her Cat on her Shoulder,
To fee the Folks there.

Dame Trot and her cat,
Sat down for to chat,
The dame sat on this side,
And Puss sat on that,
Puss, says the dame,
Can you catch a rat,
Or a mouse in the dark ?
Purr. says the Cat.

comical cat 3

Old Dame Trot,
Some cold fish had got,
Which for pussey,
She kept in store,
When she looked there was none.
The cold fish was gone,
For puss had been there before.

She went to the butcher's,
To buy her some meat,
When she came back,
She lay dead at her feet.

comical cat 4

She went to the undertaker's,
For a coffin and shroud,
When she came back,
Puss sat up and mewed.

She trotted again,
To buy her some milk,
When she came back,
She was sewing of silk.

comical cat 5

She went for some ale,
Because she was dry,
When she came back,
Puss was making a pye.

She trotted once more,
For brandy and gin,
When she came back,
She was sat down to Spin.

comical cat 6

She went to buy apples,
And sugar and spice,
When she came back,
Puss was fiddling to mice.

She went to buy her
A new high-crowned hat,
When she came back,
Puss was killing a rat.

comical cat 7

She went out to buy,
Cap, neck-lace and frock,
When she came back,
She was riding poor shock*.

* ""thick mass of hair," 1819, from earlier shock (adj.) "having thick hair" (1680s), and a noun sense of "lap dog having long, shaggy hair" (1630s), from shough (1590s), the name for this type of dog, which was said to have been brought originally from Iceland;" (from Online Etymology Dictionary)

She went to buy slippers,
Made of Spanish leather,
When she came back,
They were smoking together.

comical cat 8

The fire was out,
So she went for some fuel,
When she came back,
They were fighting a duel.

She went out for a fan,
As the weather was hot,
When she came back,
Puss was whipping a Top.

comical cat 10

She trotted once more,
To buy her a tart,
When she came back,
Puss was dress'd very smart.

You look nice now your dress'd,
Says little Dame Trot,
Puss court'sy'd and mewed,
But further said not.





Away with the Fairies


分野: パタフィジック。

趣味: 図書館ごっこ。

好物: 鉱物。スカシカシパン。タコノマクラ。

将来の夢: 石ころ。

尊敬する人物: ジョゼフ・メリック、ジョゼフ・コーネル、尾形亀之助、森田童子。


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