Sylvia Beach 『Shakespeare and Company』

「Joyce's fear of great many things was real, though I think it was partly cultivated as a counterbalance to his fearlessness where his art was concerned.」
(Sylvia Beach)

Sylvia Beach 
『Shakespeare and Company』

New Edition, Introduction by James Laughlin

Bison Books / University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1991
xxii, 230pp, plates 16pp, 20.5x13.5cm, paperback
Jacket illustration by Ed Lindlof
Jacket design by Jungsun Whang

Originally published: New York: Harcourt, Brace, c1959


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Introduction (James Laughlin)

I "for Who-is-silvier-"
II Palais Royal / The Little Gray Bookshop of A. Monnier
III A Bookshop of My Own / Setting Up Shop / Shakespeare and Company Opens Its Doors
IV Pilgrims from America / Mr. and Mrs. Pound / Two Customers from the Rue de Fleurus / Sherwood Anderson
V Ulysses in Paris / James Joyce, Care of Shakespeare and Company
VI Shakespeare and Company to the Rescue / Darantiere of Dijon / A Missing Subscriber
VII Valery Larbaud / 12 Rue de l'Odeon / Greek Blue and Circe
VIII Joyce's Eyes / At Larbaud's / Garlic in a Sponge / Joyce and George Moore / The Reading at A. Monnier's / "Saint Harriet"
IX My Best Customer
X First Copies of Ulysses / Minerva-Hemingway / A Photograph of Mr. Bloom / "Those Scribblings of Mine" / Shakespeare and Company Regrets . . . / Second Edition / Ulysses Settles Down
XI Bryher
XII Variety / Visitors and Friends / "The Crowd"
XIII Firzgerald, Chamson, and Prevost / A. MacLeish / Ballet Mecanique
XIV The Silver Ship / Whitman in Paris / Contact and Three Mountains / Jack Kahane / The Crosbys / Plain Edition / Gargoyle and Transatlantic / Ernest Walsh and This Quarter / transition / Commerce / Our Friend stuart Gilbert
XV Jules Romains and the "Copains" / A French Shakespearean / Jean Schlumberger / Leon-Paul Fargue / Raymonde
XVI "Notre Cher Gide" / My Friend Paul Valery
XVII oyce's Exiles / "A.L.P." / Two Records
XVIII Pomes Penyeach / Our Exag / Pirates
XIX Successor to Ulysses / James and Two Johns
XX Away, Away . . . / Joyce's Way of Life
XXI Ulysses Goes to America / The Thirties / Friends of Shakespeare and Company / "Expo 1937"
XXII War and the Occupation / Shakeaspeare and Company Vanishes
XXIII The Liberation / Hemingway Liberates the Rue de L'Odeon


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「XI Bryher」より:

「Bryher, Bryher. I wondered if the owner of this interesting name would ever come to my bookshop. I already knew her husband, Robert McAlmon, but Bryher disliked cities - those "rows of shops," as she called them. She shunned crowds, was no frequenter of cafés, and was very retiring. Still, I knew that she loved Paris and everything in France, and I hoped that she would consent to overlook the fact that my shop was one of those in the hateful "rows."
Then, one day, a great day for Shakespeare and Company, Robert McAlmon brought her in - a shy young English girl in a tailor-made suit and a hat with a couple of streamers that reminded me of a sailor's. I couldn't keep my eyes off BRyher's: they were so blue - bluer than the sea or sky or even the Blue Grotto in Capri. More beautiful still was the expression in Bryher's eyes. I'm afraid that to this day I stare at her eyes.
Bryher, as far as I can remember, never said a word. She was practically soundless, a not uncommon thing in England; no small talk whatsoever - the French call it "letting the others pay the expenses of the conversation." So McAlmon and I did the talking, and Bryher did the looking.」

「XV Raymonde」より:

「Satie, perhaps because of English blood on one side of his family, seemed to like Shakespeare and Company. He called me "Mees," the only English word he knew, I imagine, and turned up regularly, always carrying an umbrella, rain or shine; no one had ever seen him without one. It was probably a wise precaution for somebody who came on a trolley from distant suburbs of Paris intending to stay in town all day.」

「Satie and Adrienne were good friends. His *Socrate* was heard for the first time at her bookshop. Fargue and Satie were cronies, then had a terrible falling out, I believe over an unfortunate incident in society circles where the composer and the poet shared popularity. At a certain *salon*, the master of ceremonies announced songs by Erik Satie but quite forgot to mention that the poems he had set to music were by Fargue. It was no doubt unintentional, and certainly it was not the fault of Satie, but Fargue was furious. As usual, in Fargue's feuds, he spent a good deal of time and took a lot of trouble to write the most dreadfully insulting things he could think of in daily letters to Satie. Not satisfied with mailing them in Paris, he would go all the way to Arcueil-Cachan, where Satie lived, to slip another insulting note under his door. Even the final one, too outrageous to repeat, failed to get anything but a laugh from Satie, a mild, philosophical-minded man, the composer, after all, of *Socrate*; and I think that was the last shot fired.」


Keri Walsh (ed.) 『The Letters of Sylvia Beach』
アドリエンヌ・モニエ 『オデオン通り』 (岩崎力 訳)
ガートルード・スタイン 『アリス・B・トクラスの自伝』 (金関寿夫 訳/筑摩叢書)



ひ-2-改(ひとでなしの猫 2 改訂版)


Away with the Fairies


分野: パタフィジック。

趣味: 図書館ごっこ。

好物: 鉱物。スカシカシパン。タコノマクラ。

将来の夢: 石ころ。

尊敬する人物: ジョゼフ・メリック、ジョゼフ・コーネル、尾形亀之助、森田童子。



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